THROWBACK THURSDAY: Highlights on the Ancient City of Badagry



  • The name Badagry was culled from the means of livelihood of the indigenes of the city which include fishing, farming, salt making, etc.
  • Others believe the city was named after Agbedeh a popular farmer, whose farm was named Agbadarigi, was later rephrases Badagry by the Europeans.
  • Badagry is believed to be the first town in Nigeria to have contact with Europeans.
  • It served as a major slave market and slave port in Nigeria and the first community in Nigeria to be urbanized.

  • The British flag (Union Jack) was first hosted on the soil of Badagry in 1842 as symbol of authority to stop the slave trade and this singular action marked the beginning of the process of what later became known as Nigeria.
  • Western Education in Nigeria took its root in Badagry with the establishment of the first elementary school called the ‘Nursery of the Infant Church’ in 1843 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS)
  • The architectural evolution of Nigeria started right here in Badagry in 1845 when the first ever storey building in Nigeria was built by Rev. C. 0. Golmeras a vicarage for early Church Missionary Society(now Anglican) missionaries.
  • The first idea of International Law in Nigeria was generated in Badagry when Richard Lander, one of the earliest British explorers to Badagry, was tried in 1825 by a Jury of Elders through the means of Badagry custom and tradition at the Vlekete slave market. Richard Lander’s trial in Badagry became the first trial of an Alien in Nigeria. He was accused of Treason, a crime punishable by death.
  • In 1876, the first Agricultural School in Nigeria was established by the Roman Catholic Missionaries on Topo Island.
  • In 1893 the first Teachers Training College in Nigeria was established on the same Island by the Roman Catholic missionaries.
  • The Badagry festival started in 1999 to commemorate end of slave trade era and the significance of the ancient city during the period of slavery.




Credit: Jumiatravel, Cassiedavies, Folawaka,

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